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The Ha Long Bay – Indochina Junk

The Ha Long Bay in Vietnam has been on my travel list of a “must-see” destination since I watched the movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ with Pierce Brosnan.

Although the bay is shown in a few shots only in the movie, it really ignited my desire for similar adventures. This further dragged me into sending out couple of emails to travel agencies to offer joint venture through filming these locations for them. There are many travel agencies that provide a trip into a breathtaking location, ranging from day trips to three-day trips with a wide range of options of activities such as kayaking, floating villages, cave explorations, barbecue parties on the private beach and so on.

So I got lucky when I got an official invitation by one the most experienced travel agency in the Ha long Bay. I was super excited to leave for Vietnam with my girlfriend, Tyna. That invitation email is one of the most exciting emails I have ever opened!

After a while, I realized that all the hard work to “creating something” is really worth it, and this is what keeps me going. After few more emails back and forth with the agency, we flew to Vietnam in a month’s time.

Before you get to the harbor in Bãi Cháy, you have to get to Hanoi, which is about 3-4 hours by road. Two years ago, I spent 6 months traveling in Vietnam, I visited many places, but this capital city is really unique. The cultural old part fascinated me from the first sight. Few days before we go to Vietnam I booked the hotel in this area, but I didn’t expect this place to be this magical. After the driver dropped us in front of the hotel, the nightlife of the streets literally surrounded us from all sides. You probably wouldn’t find a better location for “street” photography.

Before we went into the hotel, we stopped at a local restaurant where we order well-known soup “Pho” and other local goodies.

After a few days of traveling in Vietnam I found out that “the poorer the place, the richer the kitchen is.”

We spend one night in Hanoi. Next morning we woke up early and travelled to Bãi Cháy. Driver with a warm welcoming smile picked us up from the hotel. The journey to Ha Long was in this very comfortable luxurious van.

After three and a half hours, we finally arrived in Bãi Cháy and we were finally on one of the most amazing cruises I’ve ever had in my life. For those of you who get sick on the boat, don’t worry, you will not even notice that you’re sailing on this big beauty.

We spent 3 days on the cruise ship. It’s the longest cruise that the travel agency offers. For more detailed description, which I highly recommend that you do, I read Týna’s blog. She has captured everything nicely in her blog, including useful information about the programs, accommodation, meals, sporting activities and other activities that the cruise offers. For those of you who prefer the video, I have prepared a 2 and a half minute edit.

Finally, I would like to thank Indochina Junk for their professional hospitality, delicious food and great staff. Chefs, waiters, promoters and rest of the crew on the boat spend 23 days a month on the boat, and they work like a big family. You’d feel a part of them as soon as you meet them! If you want to visit the Ha Long Bay, you should not miss this wonderful cruise full of positive people.


On my journeys, I explore the world, enrich myself with interesting things and new culture, learn from local people and share it with all of you through the filming.

I met my soul while I was filming in Croatia last year. Our interests went same way so we decided to continue our adventure together. After few weeks later we planned a trip to Sri Lanka.

The first week we spent on the beach and than we moved to the Adam’s Peak. The mountain well know as the place of convergence of many world religions. Anyway if you want to see the outstanding view from the top of this magical mountain you need to walk over 5200 stairs.

You don’t need extra skills, just get your ass ready at 2am, pack up breakfast and hope that when you climb up the top, the sunbeams show you clear sky with tropical landscape view after you hear traditional bell ring. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky and after two hours walk in the rain, we missed the sun. Despite of the weather, we really enjoy it and day after we bought tickets for the train. We traveled through tea plantations around Nuwara Eliya to the southern part of the island, famous especially for great surfer conditions. It was one of the most amazing journey of my life.

We spent over 5 weeks of traveling. It was enough time to met the open hearts of the people, their hospitality and the smile that accompanied us across the country. It’d be really long story If I describe each location and person we met so I’m giving you better way in the form of a video clip.

Tyna released new blog couple of weeks ago. So If someone is really interested in reading our trip step by step I recommend visit website

I’d like to say thank you all friends we met and everyone joined us on the way. Travel brings amazing moments that would eventually disappear without the right people around us.

Thank you!

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